Paula Flores

Let it multiply times infinite fold
Show / Talk with the Curator KJ Baysa (LA)
All of nature is important, but some beings that are not visible to the naked eye play a crucial role in keeping the earth a healthy and thriving support for life. Projecting what is underground to a larger scale and above ground. I attempt to make them visible. So they can have protection from sterelization. 

Paula Flores /Tijuana MX 1988

In her work Paula Flores attempts to represent the complexity of nature, and our knowledge as well as ignorance that we have towards it.  She treats themes such as immigration and the disappearance of native cultures as a result of modern industry; the space these cultures occupy and how they've changed according to its commodification. Making use of diverse artistic disciplines and a mix of organic and industrial materials, she creates a dialogue regarding the current situation between human and nature.


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